Organization Series: Managing Your Work Life

Organization Series: Managing Your Work Life

Work Life Organization

Your work life is something you have deal with for 8-12 hours, depending on your work day. You have a set amount of stuff to do with a designated time frame, which works out well because you can focus only on your work.

Things You Will Need: Calendar (electronic or paper), Planner, some form of reminder, to-do notepad

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Top 4 Things You Forget To Pack For College

Top 4 Things You Forget To Pack For College

Starting off in a college dorm for the first time can be frustrating when it comes to figuring out what to pack. Even if you’re not a freshman, there are always a few things that you forget and have to buy either last minute or at the campus bookstore, which means it’s super overpriced.

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4 Fears Incoming Freshman Have (And How to Deal With Them)

4 Fears Incoming Freshman Have (And How to Deal With Them)

Your freshman year of college is a huge step outside of your comfort zone. Even for people who are relatively independent, living on campus by yourself, with no one to tell you what to do is a big change.

Having some fears or anxieties about starting this new journey is perfectly okay. I’ve compiled four of the more common fears incoming freshman have and how to overcome them.

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How to Deal with Echo Chambers: Take Back Millennial

How to Deal with Echo Chambers: Take Back Millennial #TakeBackMillennial

This is probably going to be the most controversial of the posts in part of the #TakeBackMillennial series. I’m going to try and keep this as neutral as possible, regardless of my or the popular political opinion.

Echo chambers are incredibly harmful to any community, regardless of whatever kind of community it is. If you’re constantly surrounded by the same ideas and ONLY the same ideas, you will end up living in a bubble. And when you live in a bubble like that, being confronted by other opinions or reality can cause some shock and harm.

This is my opinion on what echo chambers are, how they’re a bad thing, and how we can deal with them.

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