Apartment Glow Up: aka I Ransacked a Michael’s

Top 4 Decluttering and Cleaning YouTubers

Glow ups have become big things recently. Seeing how you’ve changed and grown over the years is a great way to show how different (or similar) you are from where you began.

So, to hop on this ‘glow up’ train, I’m going to give you the ‘after’ of what my apartment living room looks like since I’ve raided the various Michael’s and A.C Moore’s in my area.


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Mile High Cure CBD Gummies: Review


Mile High Club CBD Gummies_ Review

After trying out CBD for the first time not that long ago, I wanted to see what else was out there for CBD consumption. 

I went to pick up a new vape pen as the one I had threaded and the cartridges weren’t screwing in any more. But while I was there I noticed they carried exclusively Mile High Club CBD products, and had more than just vape oils.

So I picked up a small pack of gummie bears to give a try.

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My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

I had been attempting to help supplement my current anti-anxiety/depression medications in a more natural way to help me fall asleep better and to have a more overall calming affect on me. I don’t want to have to rely on xanax for anxiety moments. I barely use it unless I’m having an anxiety attack, but there are times where my anxiety will ramp up but not enough to warrant medical intervention.

I gave CBD oil a try for a week and below will be my documentation of how that went.

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TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul: What I Got

TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul_ What I Got

As a relatively frugal post-grad, finding things on sale or clearance is my first priority when shopping for things like clothes, and beauty, home, and wellness products. There’s a TJ Maxx down the road from my apartment and I love shopping the clearance section for new beauty products. Recently I hit up TJ Maxx because I needed some more sleep related essential oils for my diffuser. I fell into the same trap I always do of finding things I didn’t intend on buying, but didn’t want to pass up due to the price.

So here’s what I bought.

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