How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

I know the word “problematic” is thrown around a lot lately, and it’s kind of diminished it’s definition, but for this post I’m going to be using it in it’s truest definition: something that is a problem.

With the success of How to Recover From Your Weekend Bender, I figured I would elaborate on that with something I wish I had when I was younger: how to know when your weekend bender has become problematic.

When you’re in your early twenties, going out on the weekends and getting shit-faced is basically a right of passage (at least according to social media). No one really bats an eye at that. But is there something else there? Could there be early warning signs of a more serious problem? Is excessive drinking that problem? We’ll find out.

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How to Spend Valentine’s Day with an Introvert

Little Miss Short Stuff

How to Spend Valentine's Day with an IntrovertThis post has been updated! (2/14/2019)

Does a night in watching a movie sound so much better than going out on the town? Do you get overwhelmed after hanging out with your friends for too long? How about needing a day or two to recoup from said outing? You’re probably an introvert.

With Valentine’s Day labeled as the holiday of love, most people think of grandiose gestures such as having a large teddy bear or bouquet of flowers sent to your lover’s office, making a bid deal about going out to dinner, and of course, the romantic restaurant proposal. Sound like too much for you? Yeah, me too.

If you or your partner are an introvert it might mess with that narrative. So here is my advice on spending Valentine’s Day with an introvert.

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How to Spend Valentine’s Day Alone

How to Spend Valentine's Day Alone

If you’re a bit of a hopeless romantic like I am, it can be a bit tough dealing with Valentine’s day without a valentine. 

So instead of moping around and feeling bad that you’re home alone while people are out with their significant others, turn it around and make it a time for yourself!

I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day alone, so join me in spending some alone time with yourself with my list of how to spend valentine’s day alone.

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Best Gifts to Get Your Guy for Valentine’s Day

best gifts to get your guy for valentine's day


Valentine’s Day is almost here! While I know there are people who aren’t a fan of it since it’s basically a holiday to get your spend money, I like to look deeper and use it as a way to express my love to anyone in romantic life. 

Guys can be hard to find gifts for. They also tend to do a lot of the heavy lifting for holidays. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to come home to a home cooked meal, a big bouquet of flowers, some chocolates, and anything else you like?

Maybe for this Valentine’s Day you take the reigns. 

Here are my favorite gifts to get your guy for Valentine’s Day.

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How to Learn to Be Okay with Being Single

How to Learn to Be Okay with Being Single

You’d think that being single is something that everyone would know how to do. Especially since everyone is pretty much single as a default. You’re not born into a relationship with someone.

But learning to accept that was the hardest thing I had to learn. And as a child who was obsessed with the idea of falling in love, you bet it was a hard lesson to learn.

Learning to be okay being single was the second hardest thing I’ve ever done. The hardest was doing it again.

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How to Find Yourself During an Existential Crisis: Part 3 – Vision Board

How to Find Yourself During an Existential Crisis: Part 3 - Vision Board

I’m not big into DIY or crafts, but this step was important to me regardless. It seems silly for a grown adult to be cutting out quotes and pictures from magazines, but I personally think it helps to have a visual of what you want, or where you want to go.

So for this last part of the mini-series, you will be making a vision board or sorts. I did this before I took all of the personality tests, but it could honestly work either way.

If you know where you want to head, it’s a great way to create a visual reminder of where you want to go and what you want to be. If you aren’t sure about things, or the tests left you more confused than before, figuring out what types of pictures and quotes you’ve gravitated towards can be a big help.

So here’s the final part in this Existential Crisis mini-series, creating a vision board.

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How to Find Yourself During an Existential Crisis: Part 2 – Understanding Your Results

Part 2 - Understanding Your Results

In Part 1 of this series, we went over how to figure yourself out via various online personality tests. This part we’re going to try and figure out what the results of those tests mean and what to do from there.

Most likely everyone is going to go about this differently. I’m going to give you the steps that I took to figure this out for myself.


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How to Find Yourself During an Existential Crisis: Part 1 – Figure Out Your Personality

How to Find Yourself During an Existential Crisis_ Part 1


I feel like most people go through a variety of existential crises throughout their life. I even wrote about the various existential crises you will most likely go through before you’re 30. I’ve been through every one of them and probably a few more. 

So how do you find yourself? What happens when you’re lost and don’t know where to begin to get started again? In this post I’m going to go through what I did that helped me figure out what I wanted to get out of life and how I started setting goals.

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