Battling an Eating Disorder: From Restricting to Binging

Battling an Eating Disorder: From Restricting to Binging

Eating isn’t really something most people consider a challenge. It’s simple, if you’re hungry eat. If you’re not, don’t. Try to eat more vegetables than junk food, and make sure you’re getting enough protein. Not that complicated, right? But for someone with any kind of eating disorder, or disordered eating in general (yes, they are different) eating can be one of the most stressful times of the day.

I’ve had a variety of disordered eating issues throughout my life. For most of it I was restricting my diet, and not eating as a coping mechanism. Now it’s the complete opposite where I binge when I need comfort. Neither are a good thing and I’m working to get things under control, but for now, here is my story.

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4 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Without Changing Your Eating Habits

4 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Without Changing Your Eating Habits

Now that it’s warmer out and it’s summertime, people (myself included) want to look our best in a swim suit or more form fitting clothing that the summer requires.

My biggest issue is food. I’ll tell that story another day, but I’ve been trying to find ways to get myself healthier, or at least in a healthier mindset, in recent times. Turns out there are so many options for getting yourself healthier that are not only easy, but don’t involve food in the slightest!

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How to Keep Cool This Summer on a Budget

How to Keep Cool This Summer on a Budget

Ever since I started living on my own and paying my own bills summer has been a pain in my wallet. Thankfully the my current apartment and my previous apartment both had heat and hot water included with the rent, so my electric bill was pretty minimal for most of the year. However, once the air conditioner turns on my bill jumps from around $30 to over $100. 

Staying cool is a huge issue for me because I overheat super easy. Like, a short 10 minute walk around my office parking lot in 75°F weather leaves me red and sweaty pretty quick.

So here are a few of my tips to stay cool and potentially save you some money on your electric bill!

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A Guide to Allergy Season From Someone Allergic to Spring

A Guide to Allergy Season From Someone Allergic to Spring

Okay, so I’m not actually allergic to the season, but I’m allergic to most things that happen in the spring. Basically, if it blooms and pollinates, I’m allergic to it. 

It’s rough when you’re pretty much allergic to everything outside. It means you have to limit your time outside if you don’t want to suffer from the symptoms. That totally sucks since the weather is finally warmer and it’s sunny and bright, and it makes me want to head down to a park or go for a hike. But I know that’s a terrible idea.

So here’s my guide to allergy season from me, someone allergic to everything spring.

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How to Have a Good Relationship With Yourself

How to Have a Good Relationship With Yourself

I’m a really giving person. If I care about someone, I’m more than willing to do a lot of things to help them out in any way I can. I try to make sure my relationships with others are the best they can be. But what about having a relationship with yourself?

We don’t normally think about that very much. I mean, how do you not have a relationship with yourself? But anyone who is lost in life, doesn’t know how to have healthy relationships in general, or is at a crossroads, may not know or have the best relationship with themselves. We’re so focused on others that we put ourselves last.

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How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

How to Know When Your Weekend Benders have Become Problematic

I know the word “problematic” is thrown around a lot lately, and it’s kind of diminished it’s definition, but for this post I’m going to be using it in it’s truest definition: something that is a problem.

With the success of How to Recover From Your Weekend Bender, I figured I would elaborate on that with something I wish I had when I was younger: how to know when your weekend bender has become problematic.

When you’re in your early twenties, going out on the weekends and getting shit-faced is basically a right of passage (at least according to social media). No one really bats an eye at that. But is there something else there? Could there be early warning signs of a more serious problem? Is excessive drinking that problem? We’ll find out.

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My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

My Experience With CBD Oil: Is it Worth It?

I had been attempting to help supplement my current anti-anxiety/depression medications in a more natural way to help me fall asleep better and to have a more overall calming affect on me. I don’t want to have to rely on xanax for anxiety moments. I barely use it unless I’m having an anxiety attack, but there are times where my anxiety will ramp up but not enough to warrant medical intervention.

I gave CBD oil a try for a week and below will be my documentation of how that went.

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How to Survive Your New Year’s Day Hangover: a Step-by-Step Guide

How to Survive Your New Year's Day Hangover: a Step-by-Step Guide

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2019 and you were probably out partying last night, right? Not everyone is me and deep cleans their apartment every New Year’s.

So you had a little too much to drink… or maybe it was more than a little too much. Regardless, you’ve woken up and feel like crap. Not the best way to start off the new year, is it? (You probably didn’t read my post on How to Drink Responsibly: From an Alcoholic)

Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to survive your hangover after all the new year shenanigans.

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12 Days of Christmas Self Care: Day 12

Day 11_ Eat Healthy at a Calorie Deficit (in prep for all the Christmas food!) (2)

Day 12: Relax, Recharge, and Get Ready

On to the final day of Christmas Self Care! I did my 12 days so that the final day is Christmas Eve because even if you don’t do anything on Christmas Eve with family, you will most likely do so on Christmas Day. That way you can do everything leading up to Christmas Day!

So what is it you do on this final day of Christmas Self Care? You relax and wait for the chaos to begin!

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