How to Be Your Best Advocate in the Work Place

How to Be Your Best Advocate in the Work Place

Asking for a raise or promotion at work is honestly a bit scary. There’s that uncertainty that comes with anything, but more so when it involves your job. If you’re like me, you really need your job and doing something that could potentially rock the boat just isn’t in line with maintaining a happy life.

But as women are still behind men in advocating for raises and promotions, it’s time we find ways to boost our confidence to strut into your supervisor’s office and ask for that raise or promotion that you deserve. 

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How to Capitalize on Living at Home

How to Capitalize on Living at Home


Living at home after graduation, or moving back home after hitting a rough financial situation, has become significantly more common. It’s not a bad thing, but there are many ways to improve yourself while living at home or with family for free or discounted rent.

Figuring out ways to make living at home a better experience is crucial for not only improving your quality of life, but also staying sane while living with family. Here I’m going to list some of the better ways to capitalize on living at home.

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8 Things to Remember When Creating Your Resume

8 Things to Remember When Creating Your Resume


Creating your resume is hard work if  you want to do it right. Having the best resume you can have will up your chances for landing interviews and eventually jobs, and with the way jobs are becoming harder to find, especially as a new graduate or in entry-level positions. According to a study on,

In March 2015, the overall unemployment rate was 5.5 percent, and the unemployment rate of workers under age 25, at 12.3 percent, was 2.2 times as high…the Class of 2015 will join a sizable backlog of unemployed college graduates from the last six graduating classes (the classes of 2009–2014) in a difficult job market.

That’s not good no matter which way you look at it, and with so many other people competing for jobs, you’re going to need to have a top notch resume to help you along.

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5 Stages of Underemployment

underemployment header

Being unemployed is one thing, but what about being underemployed? What happens when you end up in a basic job for barely minimum wage, yet you have the credential to do so much more? 

It Sucks.

You spent all that time getting a degree, certification, or diploma of some sort and you get stuck doing menial office work, or have to resort to fast food just to attempt to survive. Here are a few things I learned while being unemployed.

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5 Things to Remember When Job Searching

5 Things to Remember When Job Searching

Job searching is tiring, maddening, and at times just all out frustrating. Between the overall amount of jobs to sort through, the scam jobs that float around pretending to be genuine opportunities and not to mention having to fill in all of your information AFTER uploading your resume.

I know, I’ve been there. I spent the first 5 months after graduation looking for employment and suffered a job loss almost two years later that left me unemployed for over a year.

Finding a job can be hard, but if you’re prepared for it, it does get easier.

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