5 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Autumn


5 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Autumn

I love Autumn. Like absolutely love it. I love the colors, the smells, the atmosphere, everything! But… I’m also not a big fan of fancy decorations to make my apartment feel as ‘autumn-y’ as this picture:


So I’m not all for going out to find the latest in Fall decor, I want to find cheaper ways to celebrate the season. Here is my list of Cheap Ways to Celebrate Autumn.



Scent is one of the strongest triggers for me. I love the smell of pumpkin spice, warm apple cider, and whatever goes into a “Fall” scented candle. So making my small apartment smell like I walked into the center of a pumpkin pie is the best way to go.

You don’t even have to splurge on candles! Places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have more “luxurious” candle brands like Yankee Candle, and at least at the store by me, has an entire section for just Autumn scented candles. Like, there’s literally that many scents and variations that you can have an entire few shelves of the stuff!

If you’re not a big fan of candles, there are a variety of different oil diffusers or plug in devices that can offer you that “just walked into Fall” smell.

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 If you like pumpkin flavored things, boy are you excited! The amount of pumpkin coffee creamer, syrups, and teas I’ve seen can keep a girl going for a long time. I personally prefer tea over coffee, so I have a box of Twinings Pumpkin Chai Latte. Add a little bit of almond milk to a cup and you can sip away, rendering at all that is Autumn.

Don’t like coffee or tea? Trying to stay away from the caffeine? Autumn has you covered with that too! Warmed apple cider is a delicious (but can definitely be calorific) drink to warm your soul. Not a fan of apples? Well, there’s hot cocoa, and hot buttered rum for those who want to add a bit of alcohol to their autumn.

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You’ve got to eat, right? So why don’t you eat what’s in season? It’s a cheap and delicious way to both stock your fridge and make you feel a little more “cozy autumn”. 

Whats’ currently in season? I’m in the North East area, so my “in season” fruits and veg might be a bit different than yours, but:

in season

Want to know what’s in season by you? This is the site I used.


Baked Goods

Baked goods is totally separate from just regular old “food”. No, baked goods are a gift to the taste buds that deserves its own category. With pumpkin muffins and apple cider donuts galore, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some at the bakery section of your local grocery store.

You can buy them pre-made, buy a box mix to make it yourself, or you can even go and make them from scratch! I’m more of a “I want to eat it now” kind of person so I usually buy muffins or donut holes from the store rather than baking them myself, but it’s totally something you can do. I’m sure there’s millions of search results on Pinterest.

Then there’s pies. Autumn and pies go together so well. For me it’s probably because it’s promoted as a Thanksgiving staple and Thanksgiving is the ultimate autumn experience (IMO). Whether it’s apple pies to sweet potato pies, or anything in between, go get your pie on.

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5 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Autumn



Even if you’re not in New England where the leaves changing is such a big deal, taking a walk or hiking at a park is definitely a top contender for “best way to autumn”. I mean, you can be all snuggly in a sweater or hoodie and drinking your favorite warmed beverage while walking through a state park, favorite local hiking spot, or anywhere there’s an abundance of trees. 

Not only are you experience autumn in its natural beauty, you’re also getting exercise which is good for your body. Feed your body the extra movement by taking a walk, and feed your soul by experiencing autumn. (And then go home and feed your face some pie!)

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Ever look for stock photos of people all cozy for autumn? I have. It usually includes big bulky sweaters or blankets. Granted, most of the time everything has a lovely color theme, but real life isn’t like that.

snuggle pug

On one of the colder days, cold enough to warrant blankets, but not cold enough to finally turn on the heat, grab a few blankets and make a bit of a snuggle hug pile. What’s that? Basically a blanket cocoon. Want to read a book? Sit down with some blankets and get to reading. Want to watch Netflix or YouTube? Even better, now you don’t have to move! It will be more challenging if you want to do things that involve walking or sitting at a desk (uh, video games anyone?) but you can totally make it happen. I had a roommate in college who lost her winter coat one day. She was snuggled up in her bed but still had to go to class, so she walked her way across campus, still in her blanket cocoon. 


Are you ready for autumn? What are your favorite but cheaper ways to celebrate the season? Let me know in the comments section!




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