Why I love my Weighted Blanket

Why I love my Weighted Blanket

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I had no idea what a weighted blanket was. I didn’t know they existed, but as soon as I came across a post online involving them I knew I needed one. Heading quickly over to Amazon, most weighted blankets are pretty damn expensive, so I had to just tag one on a wish list and hope I could find one that was cheaper.

It just so happened that during my birthday trip to Mohegan Sun, the Brookstone at the casino was going out of business. And by going out of business, I mean there was barely any variety left in the store and they were trying to sell the shelves. One of the most abundant of items was a weighted blanket at 70% off. I couldn’t say no to that offer. It ended up being a little over $46.00 total.I love it. 

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5 Ways to Prep for Winter in the Fall

5 Ways to Prep for Winter in the Fall

If you happen to live in New England, you’re aware that winter can come at any point. Back in 2011 Connecticut was hit by a Halloween blizzard that left most of the state without power for anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. 

Basically, once it starts to get colder, there’s no telling what the weather is going to do. To make sure you’re not caught blindsided one morning when you wake up and your car is covered in snow and you’re running late for work, I have a few ways to prep for winter while it’s still a crisp autumn.

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How to Stay Healthy This Fall

How to Stay Healthy This Fall

Keeping healthy during the fall and coming winter can get pretty hard. If you’re in the working world, you know how people come in to work when they feel sick, but not too sick, which can cause whatever they have to spread. If you’re in a school it’s possible parents won’t let you miss, or you feel like you can’t miss classes, and don’t get me started if you have kids or are around kids. While adorable most of the time, they really do spread germs like crazy.

So how do you keep healthy when there are so many factors that are working against you? Here is my advice on how to stay healthy this fall.

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5 Books to Cozy up with on a Crisp Autumn Weekend Morning



A cozy Autumn weekend morning isn’t complete without the image of curling up in nook, snuggled in blankets, tea at the ready, and reading a book. The temperature is getting cooler, and staying inside where it’s warm becomes more and more appealing.

Snuggling up with books, a movie, or Netflix are starting to seem like the picture perfect morning routine. Here are my Top books to cozy up with on a crisp autumn weekend morning.

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