How to Deal With Helicopter Parenting Part 2: Take Back Millennial

How to Deal With Helicopter Parenting Part 2: Take Back Millennial

Apparently there are so many issues involved with helicopter parenting that it needed two posts to get through everything! The last one dealt more with what to do when away with college. This one will deal with more of the after effects of helicopter parenting once you’re on your own.

Here are my tips for dealing with the outcome of being raised by helicopter parents.

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How to Deal With Helicopter Parenting Part 1: Take Back Millennial

How to Deal With Helicopter Parenting Part 1: Take Back Millennial

Helicopter parents have become far more common in the past few years than previously. It wasn’t as common when I was a kid, but I did have many Asian friends where the “Tiger Mom” stereotype rang true. Nowadays, kids and even young adults, are being micromanaged by their parents to the point where they don’t know how to function as an independent adult.

I’ve looked up the common issues kids of helicopter parents face, and how to deal with that now that you’re older. Here are a few ways to deal with college problems regarding helicopter parents

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How Deal with Family Questions: Take Back Millennial

How Deal with Family Questions: Take Back Millennial #TakeBackMillennial

Starting a family as a millennial is something that’s less and less a main priority as it was with past generations. Women are no longer solely the care takers and men are no longer solely the breadwinners of families. We’re also starting families later in life, and some people don’t like that.

There are many reasons why us millennials don’t want to start families or want to star families later in life. I’ve researched some of the more common reasons and how to combat the stereotypes that come with it.

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Organization Series: Managing Your Home Life

Organization Series: Managing Your Home Life

Home Life Organization

You may want to put this stuff off as much as possible, but then one day you wake up and notice that small pile of clothes in the corner has now covered the whole floor. The dishes have piled up to the point where the sink isn’t functional anymore, and you have no desire to enter your bathroom for fear of what’s been growing in there. In the third part of this organization series, I lay out some tips for managing your home life.

Things You’ll Need: Weekly cleaning list, calendar, to-do list

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How to Deal with Stereotyping: Take Back Millennial


Tired of hearing the same old complaints from older generations? Frustrated at being told to “go into a place of employment and just ask for a job. That’s how I did it!” Or how about the ever lovely “Your generation is so entitled! Take on more responsibilities!”

It seems like the media¬†loves to criticize the generation that should be leading the world pretty soon. If we’re not “ruining” businesses, we’re crying into our participation trophies. I’ve compiled some of the most ridiculous stereotypes of millennials and will be debunking them.

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