Top 4 Things You Forget To Pack For College

Top 4 Things You Forget To Pack For College

Starting off in a college dorm for the first time can be frustrating when it comes to figuring out what to pack. Even if you’re not a freshman, there are always a few things that you forget and have to buy either last minute or at the campus bookstore, which means it’s super overpriced.


As someone who always has a pharmacy on them, I find having the basics on hand is always helpful. But how many of you think about keeping a stock of meds you might need throughout the year? I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve been asked for things whether it be during the day or while in my dorm.

Headaches come on suddenly, the flu could be running rampant on your campus, or you’ve got a fever, and no one wants to drag themselves across campus or even off campus to get some meds when you’re feeling gross and sick.


School Supplies

A lot of people don’t like to pack school supplies and rather buy them once they get to school. Makes sense, why pack something you can easily pick up at the campus store? Well, for one, my bookstore was overpriced for just about everything, which included notebooks.

Head over to your favorite store and grab some essentials like notebooks, a fresh batch of pens and pencils, tape, a stapler or staples. Buying some notebooks from Target will be significantly cheaper than at your bookstore.  Saving money anywhere is always a good priority to have in college.


packing pin (1)


Dorm Decorations

I don’t believe I brought anything to decorate my dorm with besides a sticky board that was similar to a cork board and a few pictures, and maybe a calendar. I’m not bit on decorating so it wasn’t so bad, but my campus had a poster sale once everyone made it back on campus. Can you say extremely overpriced?

While it will add a bit to your packing, you can either buy things before hand, or once you move in and have your mailbox number, head to amazon and order things that way.


Food and Drinks

As a freshman you think you don’t have many food options, but you really do. While you most likely won’t have a stove or oven like some of the upperclassman, you can definitely stock up on non-perishable things that can be a staple.

Keeping healthier snacks, canned soups and other goodies you’d like to keep on hand in your dorm can help keep cravings under control and cut your visits to the campus cafeteria or Taco Bell. Buying some of these things in bulk can cut the price and keep you stocked for a while.


Are there any other things you’ve forgotten to pack for college? Let me know in the comments below!



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