How to Deal with Echo Chambers: Take Back Millennial

How to Deal with Echo Chambers: Take Back Millennial #TakeBackMillennial

This is probably going to be the most controversial of the posts in part of the #TakeBackMillennial series. I’m going to try and keep this as neutral as possible, regardless of my or the popular political opinion.

Echo chambers are incredibly harmful to any community, regardless of whatever kind of community it is. If you’re constantly surrounded by the same ideas and ONLY the same ideas, you will end up living in a bubble. And when you live in a bubble like that, being confronted by other opinions or reality can cause some shock and harm.

This is my opinion on what echo chambers are, how they’re a bad thing, and how we can deal with them.

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6 Ways to Make Your Summer More Productive

productive summer

Now that you’re home for summer break, what do you do? You’ve gone from a constant stream of knowledge being thrown at you from every angle, to nothing. If you’re like me and relaxation is hard, then you’re going to want to do something productive with your time. I mean, you’ve got a whole three months away from school, or if you’re a recent graduate, however long until you find/start your new job.

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6 Tips for Choosing a Major


6 Tips for Choosing a Major

So you’re getting ready for your first semester of college, or you’re heading back for round 2 or 3, but you still have that pesky ‘undecided’ label for a major. Obviously, you need to choose a major, most schools will start to pressure you if you haven’t declared by at least the end of your sophomore year, but how do you go about it? I typed in a google search of help choosing a major and a lot of what I found were a few interesting and somewhat useful tips, but a lot of What Should I Major In? quizzes. While this may be a place to start to narrow down a general field or department, it’s not the best for a full on definite choice.

I have a few conventional and not so conventional tips on choosing a major. They might not be step by step instructions to figure out what you want to do, but they will help you and guide you to people who can, or help yourself figure it out over time.

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4 Post-College Preparations to Have Ready Before You Graduate

4 Post-College Preparations to Have Ready Before You Graduate


With the end of the year rapidly approaching, figuring out what you’re going to do after college can be a huge deal. Some may already have jobs lined up, or know their housing situation or even have a grand journey to move across the country. Some of you might move back in with your parents. Some will find themselves independent and living in their own apartment.

But how do you get yourself ready for all of this? What do you need to start looking for? Well, here’s a basic list of what you should be looking into and figuring out before you walk across that stage, diploma in hand.

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Mental Health and a Depressive Funk

Mental Health and a Depressive Funk

The other day I got home from work with no motivation to do anything. I put my purse down and stared at the medical bills I needed to pay, past the kitchen where dishes sat in the sink waiting to be washed. I walked past my bathroom that probably could use a good scrub, into my bedroom where clothes were strewn around, notebooks on the floor, the bed unmade, and basically a giant pile of mess.


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5 Things I Learned From Being Raised By My Parents


5 Things I Learned From Being Raised By My Parents

If you clicked on this post thinking it was going to be warm and fuzzy, I’m sorry, it’s going to have some bitter undertones. While I’m sure there were fun and happy times when I was growing up, the bad tend to stick out more than the good. Like, when you get all A’s on a report card but that one C in your worst subject. No amount of A’s is going to make you feel better about that C.

Verbal abuse, enabling, and assets of narcissistic personality disorder were what I remember most of my childhood. A lot of that was considered “normal” for my parents, so it became the norm for me as well. Like I said, I’m sure there were some great times, but as I get older those memories fade. I learned a lot of things despite my parents. So here are the 5 Things I Learned from Being Raised By My Parents.

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Is It Okay to be Content When Everyone Strives to be the Best?

Is It Okay to be Content When Everyone Strives to be the Best?


I think about this a lot when the topics of finances and moving up the company ladder come up. It seems everyone is always talking about moving up to executive positions, to make six figures, to be the best of the best…

But what if you don’t want that? What if you want enough to be content with the occasional splurge? What if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur CEO? It seems that this idea is completely crazy according to the media.

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Top 5 Favorite Frugal Apps

Top 5 Favorite Frugal Apps


I’m not one to be completely glued to my phone, but there are a few apps that I absolutely love and would refuse to get rid of under any circumstances. Most of these are money saving/points apps where you collect points through various ways, then turn those points into gift cards or money. I’m big on saving money, being frugal, and making the most of what I have. These are my top 5 frugal apps for helping me with my goals.

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