How to Prepare for Life After College

How to Prepare for Life After College

Your second semester of your senior year is one of the most crucial times in your college career. It’s the time where you need to figure out what you’re doing with your life after you graduate. It’s the time to get a resume together if you already haven’t, figure out where you’re going to live, work, and how you’re going manage your time on your own. In a sense, adulting is hard.

Making sure you have most if not all of these things completely figured out before you don that cap and gown should be you top priorities besides your schooling.

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How to Deal with Unemployment: Take Back Millennial

unemployment header


Unemployment is something a lot of college graduates are worried about. I was once one of those people. I spent three months before graduation and about five months after searching for some sort of job.

That in itself is also a problem. I was so desperate for a job that I was willing to take anything from menial office work to fast food positions. That’s incredibly demeaning to someone who spend four years and tens of thousands of dollars on a degree to have to ignore all of that because the only job you can get is part time for $9 an hour. (Pro Tip: If you have a degree it’s more likely you won’t be hired for fast food type jobs due to your motivation to rise the ranks)

So how do you deal with unemployment as a millennial? I have compiled some of the best reasons, advice, and tips on how to get yourself employed as a millennial. 

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TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul: What I Got

TJ Maxx Mini Clearance Haul_ What I Got

As a relatively frugal post-grad, finding things on sale or clearance is my first priority when shopping for things like clothes, and beauty, home, and wellness products. There’s a TJ Maxx down the road from my apartment and I love shopping the clearance section for new beauty products. Recently I hit up TJ Maxx because I needed some more sleep related essential oils for my diffuser. I fell into the same trap I always do of finding things I didn’t intend on buying, but didn’t want to pass up due to the price.

So here’s what I bought.

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How to Deal with Mistakes and Grow From Them

How to Deal with Mistakes and Grow From Them


Regrets happen. We all do things we wish we hadn’t done or said. Maybe you were angry and said something you really didn’t mean in the heat of the moment. Maybe you wish you had taken advantage of an offer in college that you passed up. Whatever it is, regret happens. I’ve been through my fair share of regrets, but I wouldn’t change them for a better outcome because they’ve helped me become who I am today.

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4 Ways to Handle the Work-Life Balance


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Balancing your life with school or work is something that can be a bit tricky if you’re not the best with time management. Making sure you have enough time to get your work done as well as not holding up in your room because you’re too tired to go out or socialize is crucial to maintaining a good work-life balance.

There are ways to make sure you don’t burn yourself out or favor one side over the other.

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How to Deal with College Debt: Take Back Millennial

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If you’re a millennial there’s a really good chance that you have some sort of student loan debt. Throughout most of our growing years we had the idea of going to college and getting a degree shoved down our throats to the point where the thought of any other path after high school just didn’t exist.

In this #TakeBackMillennial post, I want to go over all of the facets of student loan/college debt. From what to do with it if you have it, ways to prevent it (for the younger millennials), and how to deal with the mental health aspects of it.

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