How to Capitalize on Living at Home

How to Capitalize on Living at Home


Living at home after graduation, or moving back home after hitting a rough financial situation, has become significantly more common. It’s not a bad thing, but there are many ways to improve yourself while living at home or with family for free or discounted rent.

Figuring out ways to make living at home a better experience is crucial for not only improving your quality of life, but also staying sane while living with family. Here I’m going to list some of the better ways to capitalize on living at home.


Haggle for Rent

If you’re from a family that either can’t or won’t accept your staying with them for free, try to negotiate a rent price. It doesn’t even have to be a dollar amount. You could offer to pick up chores around the house that your parents normally do, or find a compromise if you can’t afford the rent.

You could also offer to pay for a utility, whether that be electric, hot water, internet/TV, or anything extra like that. The probability of that being more than your average rent price it extremely low. Being able to haggle for a monthly rent or a trade for rent is far more financially stable than living on your own.

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Continue Your Education

If you’re lucky enough to be living at home where your parents are more understanding and aren’t asking for rent or a contribution towards expenses, you might want to consider continuing your education.

This doesn’t always mean going up the ranks of university degrees. It could be as simple as taking some classes in more sought after skills at a community college, studying for certifications, or if you happen be adventurous, potentially take up a new degree in a different area.


How to Capitalize on Living at Home


Save Like a MoFo

Most people stay with their parents after graduation because they can’t find a job, or the job they do have can’t cover the costs of living alone. So if you’re living rent free or close to it, saving up as much as you can is the biggest improvement to your life that you can make.

Why wouldn’t you want to save?

If your total monthly expenses ends up less than the average apartment rent in your area, you better be putting away a good chunk of your income. 10% is a good place to start off. As time goes on, see if you can bump that number up to a number you like.

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Do you have any other benefits of living at home that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “How to Capitalize on Living at Home

  1. Araminta says:

    Yess!! There are huge benefits to living at home. One big thing I miss is coming back from school and being able to chill with family and talk about your day (although I don’t miss the fights). Here when I get back it’s mostly an empty flat I get to 😦


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