5 Things I Regret Doing in College

5 Things I Regret Doing in College

Everyone has regrets, and college or university is a common place to make them. I mean, you’re an adult on their own for the first time, you’re going to screw up at some point. I made a few mistakes in my college career and wanted to share them with you so you won’t make the same mistake I did! Here are my 5 Things I Regret Doing in College.

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How to Deal with Peer Pressure as an Introvert

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This post was inspired by a post Inside Megan’s Mind, “Saying No to Going Out” Check out her post and her blog!

If you’re an introvert I’m sure you’ve been asked to go out somewhere when all you really want to do is have a relaxing night in. It’s a common occurrence for people deemed less “social” than the rest of society. But that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. Here are a few tips to deal with that pushy friend who really thinks you should go out to the bar.

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How to Capitalize on Living at Home

How to Capitalize on Living at Home


Living at home after graduation, or moving back home after hitting a rough financial situation, has become significantly more common. It’s not a bad thing, but there are many ways to improve yourself while living at home or with family for free or discounted rent.

Figuring out ways to make living at home a better experience is crucial for not only improving your quality of life, but also staying sane while living with family. Here I’m going to list some of the better ways to capitalize on living at home.

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How to Take Back Millennial: Introduction

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Millennials seem to always be in the news. Whether it’s because we’re killing different industries, how we’re all “special snowflakes”, and that we’re so incredibly entitled. So what do we do? Well, what we don’t do is let others tell us who we are. We fight back and reclaim the word for ourselves while showing the crotchety old complainers what we’re really like.

This is the introduction to a series I’d like to start by looking at the problems that Millennials have through the eyes of an older Millennial

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How to Drink Responsibly: From an Alcoholic


How to Drink Responsibly: From an Alcoholic

Yeah, it’s something that’s talked about all over the place. You can google college and drinking and get thousands of articles about the dangers of binge drinking and how it’s detrimental to your health. I could tell you all about that, but it’s not going to matter.


Because it’s like smoking, or doing drugs, if someone wants to try it, they’re going to try it. And if someone really likes doing whatever it is they’re doing, then a silly little blog post won’t make a difference. I’m going to give you some pointers on what to do on  a college campus if you want to go out and party.

(Please note that I don’t condone underage drinking)

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