11 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Even in a Rowdy Dorm)

11 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Even in a Rowdy Dorm)

Sleep is something all college students need but most tend to lack. Between staying up pulling all-nighters cramming for a test or exam to hanging out with friends and partying, it’s hard to get a solid five hours, never mind the recommended eight.  A good night’s sleep is almost illusive.

Being a timid introvert at the time, having gone through a dorm floor from hell, where no one shut up, noise ran rampant, and music stayed blasting, I’ve compiled a couple of ways to combat the complications you might encounter when hitting the hay.


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Beginner’s Guide to Decluttering

Beginner's Guide to Decluttering


Decluttering your closet is a big deal. If you’re not prepared, you could end up with a room full of clothes everywhere and a giant hot mess. Decluttering in general is something I’ve talked about before in my College & Minimalism: How They go Together and Why it’s Important post. Decluttering is your first step to minimalism. Even if you’re not looking to become a minimalist, it’s always good to go through your clothes once a year to clean out things that you don’t like, don’t fit, and generally won’t wear.

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5 Stages of Underemployment

underemployment header

Being unemployed is one thing, but what about being underemployed? What happens when you end up in a basic job for barely minimum wage, yet you have the credential to do so much more? 

It Sucks.

You spent all that time getting a degree, certification, or diploma of some sort and you get stuck doing menial office work, or have to resort to fast food just to attempt to survive. Here are a few things I learned while being unemployed.

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Are You Too Attached to Your Significant Other?

Are You Too Attached to Your Significant Other?


Sometimes when you get too comfortable in a relationship, it’s really easy to start to rely on each other for happiness, validation, and to be by your side all the time. This recently happened with me and my SO. I became so attached to him that it was starting to wear on both of us. More often than not, you don’t even realize what has happened until shit starts to hit the fan. That’s entirely okay, but here are a few things I’ve learned.

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4 Things Millennials Are Tired of Hearing

4 Things Millennials Are Tired of Hearing

Born between 1980 and 1996? Congrats you’re a Millennial! If you fall into this category you might be tired of hearing the same questions and rants over and over again. Millennials are terrible, entitled, lazy, and a whole slew of negative adjectives. We’ve been given shit because we can’t make it afloat in today’s society. Here are my 4 top questions Millennials are tired of hearing.

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