Super Early Christmas List 2019

New year, new you, new Christmas list! It's time again for the Little Miss Short Stuff Super Early Christmas list! Want to know what's caught my eye for this year? You'll have to click to find out!

It’s almost that time of year again! This year the Christmas decorations started taking over on Halloween in some of my local stores. I went to pick something up at Target Halloween morning and everything was pushed over into one aisle and a cart, while employees broke down the Halloween decorations in preparation for all the winter and Christmas themed things to take over.

And because I did a Super Early 2018 Perfect Christmas Wish List last year, I thought I would do one again this year! 

So what’s on my Christmas list for 2019? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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5 Signs that It Might Be Time to Jump Ship to a New Job

5 Signs that It Might Be Time to Jump Ship to a New Job

I don’t know about you guys, but I would much rather prefer staying with one company than hopping from job to job every year or so. However, with Millennials and the younger generation, that seems to be the only case to progress in your career at a steady pace.

So how do you know it’s time to change jobs? There are some signs that you should probably brush up on your resume and make sure you have some business formal attire hanging in your closet.

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8 Things to Do When Depression Hits

8 Things to Do When Depression Hits

It’s almost the time of year (or maybe just started to be, depending on where you live) for Seasonal Depression to rear its ugly head back into our lives.

The days are slowly getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and it’s getting darker sooner that we’d like.

So what does that have to do with depression?

Well, sunlight is a more important part of our lives than some of us realize. Ever notice how you kind of feel crummy or “meh” during a rainy day? Some of us with depression get that a lot more during the darker months of the year (aka the end of fall and winter).

With that time of year creeping up, I wanted to put together a post about what to do when depression hits. 

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5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

5 Things to Do to Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

No one likes having to deep clean their entire house or apartment. Usually it’s not that fun of an experience. If you don’t keep up with some of the more daily tasks, you might find yourself needing more time, more products, and cleaning up more gunk.

I’m not perfect with keeping up with my cleaning or tidying, but I try my best. There are some thing you can do daily that can cut down on your weekly or monthly cleaning.

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What to Do When You Realize You’re on Autopilot

What to Do When You Realize You're on Autopilot

Ever have those days where you look at the clock and notice “OMG. When did it get to be *this* time?!”? You’ve somehow managed to go through the day without realizing how much time has passed, and maybe even can’t even remember what you exactly did for it to get so late.

I’ve been going through a bit of that lately. All of a sudden it’s 4PM on Friday and… When did it become Friday? I swear it was just noon!

So what do you do when you realize you’re on autopilot and you feel like you’re wasting your days?

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The World Would Be a Better Place If We All Lived a Little More Like Keanu Reeves

The World Would Be a Better Place If We All Lived a Little More Like Keanu Reeves

Okay, so hear me out.

Over the past weekend I caught up on a much wanted to see trilogy of movies: John Wick. I love me some action films, and if you want to throw the most lovable actor, some underground illegal dealings, and a cute puppy to it, I’m more than down.

After the three movies I immediately wanted to look into a John Wick workout plan because, holy crap! The amount of flexibility, stamina, and overall brute strength involved in some of the fighting was incredible! I mean, Keanu Reeves is 55 years old and he was kicking ass like someone in their mid 20s. It was amazing!

But there’s far more to the man than just his acting or his impeccable stunting ability. He’s probably one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood because he’s so much more different than most other actors. Even the New Yorker wrote an article about how Keanu Reeves is Too Good for This World because of just how incredible this man is. I think this quote from the article sums things up pretty good:

The image of him that emerges from these anecdotes is of a considerate man who is aware of his status as a celebrity but doesn’t take advantage of it, and who is generous but careful with his presence.

So, how could the world be a better place if we all lived a little more like Keanu Reeves? 

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4 Ways to Tell You Need a Self Care Day

4 Ways to Tell You Need a Self Care Day

Self care is such an important part of our mental and physical health, but other than a regular schedule of self care days, how do you know when you need a day or two of some self pampering?

Everyone has their own tells for when they need a break because everyone deals with and experiences stress differently. My tells may not be what you experience and that’s perfectly okay! These are my 5 ways to tell you need a self care day.

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Revisiting my 29th Year Bucket List at 30

So back when I turned 29 I created a short list of things I wanted to do throughout that year. If you want to read that, click over here: Things I want to Do in my 29th Year Living OR you could check out my revist of that list at the half year mark here: Goals for My 29th Year: Revisited.

Now that I’m officially 30, I wanted to look back at the list and see what I did, what I didn’t do, and what I can do in the future.

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